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Questions on How to Submit

How do I begin my submission?
Go to the main submit page. If you have already registered on our site (or submitted to Flash Forward 2011 or 2012), scroll down to the "Returning Users" section and log in there. If you have not, fill in the form in the "New Users" section to register.
Once you've done that, please review the information on the specific project you intend to submit to (like Flash Forward 2013, for example), as well as the overall Guidelines for Submissions. There is a link to begin your submission at the bottom of the guidelines page. (Why do we hide it there? Because we would like people to actually read the guidelines before submitting.)
Why does it say I have to register on the site? What does that mean?
Registering allows you to save your permanent information, such as your contact info, bio and CV, in our system, because these don't tend to change much from one project to the next. It also allows you to choose a password, so that you can at any point log back into our system to edit your information.
Once you have registered on our site once, you don't need to do it again. If you want to submit to another Magenta project in the future, you can just log in, and your permanent information will already be there. All you will need to do then is make any needed updates to it, and submit your images and artist statement for the new project.
I've submitted to previous Magenta projects. Does that mean I'm already registered?
It depends which project. If you submitted to Flash Forward 2011, then yes, you are already registered. That was the year we began using the current password system. If you did not submit to that one, but did submit to a previous Magenta project, you will need to register on the new system, as we used a different form of login before that.
Can I see my information after I've uploaded it?
Yes! You can log in at any time and view your information and images.
Can I edit my information after I've uploaded it?
Yes! You can edit your permanent information at any time, and you can edit your submission for a specific project up until the deadline for that project.
What information is part of my permanent account at Magenta, and what is part of one specific submission?
Your contact information, password, bio and CV are permanent, which means that they're retained from one projet to the next, so you don't have to re-enter them with each submission. Your images (and the info associated with them, like captions, etc.) and your artists statement are specific to the project you submit them for.
Can I edit my permanent information at any time?
Yes. Only the project-specific information (images and artist statement) is locked when the deadline passes.

Questions on What to Submit

Can I make two separate submissions to the same project?
No. Only one submission per artist per project, please.
Do the images all have to be from the same series or body of work?
Not necessarily. Many artists do choose to submit this way, and it helps to make a more focussed impression on the jurors, but the choice is ultimately yours.
Can I submit images that are meant to be viewed as a diptych or triptych? If so, does that count as one image, or two or three?
You can certainly submit diptychs or triptychs. Each actual image file that you upload counts as one image, even if it is an installation shot of two or three images grouped together. Conversely, if you upload three image files that are meant to be viewed together, those still count as three images. You can upload a total of ten image files.
Can I upload my images in .tif, .psd or .pdf format? What about videos? Slideshows? Interactive web art?
No. Please submit only .jpg, .gif or .png images. Your images will be viewed by the jurors via a web interface, and need to be able to be embedded in a web page as standard images.
Can I just link to my images on my own web site instead of uploading them?
No. Your images need to be viewable in the web interface that our jurors will be using, not off on some other web site.
Help! When I size my images to 700 pixels on the longest side, they're larger than 500kb!
Try lowering your JPEG quality settings. We understand that you want your images to look their best, and so do we, but we also want them to load within a reasonable amount of time. Alternatively, some graphics programs have much better JPEG compression than others. If you're using the Adobe Creative Suite, try using Fireworks instead of Photoshop for generating your JPEGs — it tends to make much smaller JPEGs than Photoshop, without sacrificing quality.
What does it mean when it asks for the images' dimensions? The pixel size, or a print size, or what?
That refers to the size you would want to exhibit the work at — i.e. if you were asked to provide a print for an exhibition. It's there so that in the event that you're one of the winners, the jurors putting together the exhibition can decide which specific works to show and how to arrange them.

Flash Forward-Specific Questions

Who is eligible to submit to Flash Forward?
Artists 34 years of age and under, from Canada, the US and the UK.
I don't live in Canada, the US or the UK. Can I still submit?
If you normally do live in one of those three countries, but are away temporarily (for work, school, etc.), you can still submit. But if you are not normally a resident of one of those three countries, then no, you can't.
I live in Canada, the US or the UK, but I'm not from there originally. Can I still submit?
If you are a legal resident of one of those three countries, not just a visitor, then yes, you can submit. If not, then no, you can't.
Why is there an age limit?
Flash Forward is specifically focussed on emerging artists. While there is no universally agreed-upon definition of this term, for the purposes of this project we define it by age.
However, our recently launched Flash Forward Festival (Toronto and Boston thus far, with possible international destinations to be announced later on) targets all photographers that self-label as "emerging" in an effort to provide opportunities for the largest number of interested people, whether or not they meet our competition criteria. Through the festival, we organize curated invitational exhibitions along with free networking events, free lectures and free seminars that make a real difference in the career development of all attendees in practical ways, whether they are recent graduates taking their first steps as young artists, or switching gears later in life to forge a new path as creative professionals.
Is that age limit for all Magenta projects, or just Flash Forward?
Just Flash Forward. Other Magenta projects, such as the Carte Blanche book series, the artist portfolios and reviews in Magenta Magazine, etc., and the curated exhibitions and other events in the Flash Forward Festival (apart from the group show of FF winners) are not age-specific.
When will the results be announced?
Each year's Flash Forward winners are announced in May. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to be sure of getting the news in a timely maner.
When and where will the exhibition and book launch happen?
The initial book launch and exhibition will take place in October 2013, as part of the biennial Flash Forward Festivals. Exhibitions in other cities will follow — check our site or sign up for our newsletter for further information.

Finalizing/Confirming Submissions

After uploading my images and entering my information, do I have to do anything special to finish my submission?
No. You're able to edit your submission right up until the deadline, so your submission is final when the deadline passes. You don't have to do anything other than just upload your images, enter your information, and make sure everything is the way you want it to be before the deadline passes.
Will I receive an e-mail confirming that my submission was received?
You'll receive an e-mail confirmation when you initially register on the site, but you won't receive an additional one upon making a submission to a specific project (other than the receipt you receive from PayPal for your payment). This is because the new system allows you to keep working on your submission right up to the deadline, so there's no set point when it's finished, other than when the deadline passes.
How can I confirm that my submission was received?
Just log in and look at it — what you see there is exactly what we will see, except that for us it won't be directly editable the way it is for you. Everything you see when you log in will be visible to the jurors, so if everything you want to have there is there, it's all been entered/uploaded successfully.
Can I e-mail you and ask you to look at it for me, just to make extra extra sure it was received?
Please don't. What you see is exactly what we will see. Really. There is no need for you to ask us to look at it unless you see some kind of problem with it that you aren't able to correct yourself. And particularly as the deadline for a project approaches, we are usually swamped with support requests and need to prioritize the people who are actually having problems over people who just want reassurance.

Technical Problems

I'm having a problem with PayPal's site. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, we don't have any direct control over PayPal's site. If you're having a problem with their site, we recommend you consult their help section, or contact them.
I paid, but didn't come directly back to the site from PayPal (forgot to click the "Return to Merchant" button/browser crashed/etc.) and now your site doesn't recognize that I've paid. What should I do?
Send a copy of your PayPal receipt to and we will manually adjust the database to reflect that you've paid.
I uploaded my images, but they're not showing up properly!
The first thing to check is the filenames you gave your images. The most common cause of images not showing up is strange characters in the filename. Our system is set up to filter out some of the more common ones, but sometimes someone submits images that have characters in the filename that our system can't handle. Please make sure your filenames contain only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores (other than the period separating the file extension at the end), and try uploading them again. 99% of the time, that will fix the problem. If it doesn't, please contact
I forgot my password!
We will be adding a password retrieval utility soon — for now, e-mail and we'll help you.

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