Welcome to the NEW Magenta Submissions System

If you have submitted to any Magenta project from Flash Forward 2011 onward, you already have an account in this system, and can log in using the same e-mail address and password you did then, in the "Returning Users" section below. If you have forgotten your password, please contact us for assistance.

If you're new, or haven't submitted to any of our projects for a while, the new system allows you to create an account on our site that you can use for submitting to any Magenta project, so that you have the option of reusing any information that may have stayed the same from one project to the next. Your contact info, bio and CV are part of your permanent Magenta account, while your images and artist statement are submitted anew for each project.

Submissions to Flash Forward 2013 and Undergraduate Photography now are now closed. Our thanks to everyone who submitted. There are no projects currently open for submissions, but you can log in to update your contact info or other parts of your permanent profile if you wish.

New Users

There no projects currently open for submissions, but artists planning to submit to future projects can still register for an account on our site if they wish. That will allow you to log in on future visits to work on your submission, and to update your contact information if it changes, by entering your e-mail address and password. Note that you are asked to enter each of these twice, to ensure accuracy, because a mistyped e-mail or password might prevent you from logging in in the future.

First name
Last name
E-mail address
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Choose a password
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Returning Users

If you have already registered, you can just log in using the e-mail address and password you chose when you registered:

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Questions or Problems?

For policy or informational questions — what to submit, eligibility, information about Magenta, etc. — please write to info@magentafoundation.org.

For technical support questions — web site issues, trouble uploading, etc. — please write to support@magentafoundation.org. Be sure to let us know exactly what problem you are experiencing, including the text of any error messages you may have received.